One Mission. One World. The Foundation of Unity is a visionary and scientific approach to unity experience. Unity is a relationship that connects matter and energy, humans with other humans and the environment, money to goods and services and diversity within unity itself. 
We work to present the unity of divergent topics including: life and death, male and female, spirituality and sensuality, and much more. To do this we use image, art, and reality scientific research.
Humans appear to be the only group that acts as if we were apart from all else and above it all. It is our self-awareness that, by definition, requires this sense of separation.  Our path of development may indeed be uniquely all its own yet we are not on our own. We are part of unity in our ability to appreciate and investigatge it. 
Self-awareness is defined by an awareness of our self as if another dimension of consciousness (also known as "big C consciousness" and God by religious) really existed. Real science deals in "little c" or human awareness and not "Big C,  god, cosmic, chi, or any other non-reality-based consciousness". 
While belief is a real experience, belief is subjective until scientifically shown to be objective in some systematic manner. When shown to be universally objective can belief itself unite. Otherwise, like self-awareness, belief tends to divide but only on the social level. Unlike self-awareness, such beliefs that are totally subjective tend to divide easily remain impervious to objective reality. Eventually, one will yield to the other. 
The knowledge we gain pursuing desires of our own, is a type of belief that leads to creative emergent change that leads us back toward unity of how all things are connected by the laws of existence, which science is still learning engaging. A positive belief is a leading understanding of human psychology, regardless of other factors.
 Round and round we go as we learn more of our environment, ourselves, then back to the environment of living on Earth, in the solar system, in the galaxy, in the universe. Where can all this lead? The Foundation of Unity is a part of this system of learning and creativity. Unity purposes lead to harmonic balance, exciting growth and transformation in living quality and consciousness.
Soft science, also known as social science, struggles with predicting autonomous human actions. Individual and mass actions throw forth random events simply by virtue of the large variations of choices we can and do make. Larger variation leads to a lower level of scientific predictability we call "soft", or less reliable, results. 
Through both art and science, the evolution of knowledge shows that which seems sure can soon be changed. Changed for the better by creative artists and scientists who present new perspectives, new ideas and open the doors of possibility, awareness and development.
It is the educational, inspirational, and scientific mission of the Foundation of Unity to promote growth, development and unity through art and science. Bridging this perceived separation and any real distinctions between us is the work of unity. One Mission. One World. 

Inspired by Art...

      ...Informed by Science 

 We are a 501 (c) 3 Organization

The Foundation of Unity, Inc. was founded as a New York State Non profit in 2010. The efforts of the Foundation of Unity emerged from a meeting of an internationally successful artist presenting her unity peace art project and a PhD student working in global fianance and conflict management. A unique effective financial modelling expert rounded out our group. 

The Work of The Foundation of Unity

Unity projects are creative, educational and scientific projects linking what is with what is possible. Desire is the driver of consciousness, understanding, and creative work. All things, including humans, become united through causal and life-enhancing relationships. These relationships include physical and biological reality, relationships among people of diverse social identity, economic or money reality, and psychological or creative reality. Art, like language itself, seeks to represent reality at every different level in ways similar to the manner in which language is used. What was, what is, what could be and what seems to transcend time and change all are open to unity awareness and the work we do. 


501c3 Charitable Art and Education Foundation

The Foundation of Unity began with the art presentation "Unity Jerusalem" and 4 related unity art exhibits in Oslo, Norway, Stuttgart, Germany, The United Nations Main Building, and the Ana Tzarev gallery on West 57th St. New York, NY. Each exhibit promoted positive peace to various cultures and individuals through art displays and lectures of shared historic and inspiring places, life and death, social identities and the male and female balance. To enjoy more of the unity artist's work visit on the web. In 2016, Ekatherina was awarded the Foro Europa Gold Medal for professional work in Madrid, Spain.


In 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016, Dr. James D.  Smith, MBA published unity focused works. Executive Education For Everyone presents goal setting and time managment principles for all people, regardless of industry. This uses transcendent yet real principles based in physical, psychological, economic and social aspects. This is a fully unified approach to unify the field of management studies so everyone could realistically and fully engage as executives of their own lives. In 2013, his dissertation made manifest the unity of conflict and the path to productive peace through empowerment education based on the nature of power differential. In 2014, the joint research work between Ekatherina and Dr. Smith resulted in significant findings of how unity experiences impacted and enhanced the lives and performance of high profile and performing professionals. This was published as  humanistic psychology in the "Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.  Now, in 2016, a technological application of a global research project, demonstrating empirically, technologically and mathematically and using scientific philosophy that there is an object oriented  foundation of Unity in human experience.  This technology and research is published in the volume 43, number 7, 2016 with the leading inter-disciplinary science journal, Knowledge Organization.  This Foundation of Unity research indentifies the core unity of human learning, experience and diversity at a high level and then boils down to an easy technology for anyone, of any age, culture, or financial level to apply throughout their entire life. 


As President, and with the rest of our team, my goal is to race toward the unity of humanity as one race at our core while respecting, understanding and teaching diversity of focus, knowledge, and identity. This race is to apply power to live, be in touch with ourselves individually and others cooperatively and respectfully. We promote meaningful dialogue regarding identity, essence, and living freely together regardless of social, economic, physical or psychological value differences. contact us. Unity education for full modern lives is the key to the prosperity of the future. Join us. Support us in spirit and action. Learn from us. Be freely connected in the best sense of interdependence.

Unity Art and Science Presentations

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Share your vision or desire to build unity awareness so each focus of each person can connect in a personally fulfilling way that is cooperative with others, respectful of others, or both.  Join Unity and share your desire and vision. 


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Our Business Team is located in New York City, Western New York, and Germany at present. Expand with us.